Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Canadian Visit

This last weekend one of Joseph's mission companions and his wife came to California to visit. They are obviously from Canada if you didn't catch the title of this post. Well this weekend was awesome but it wasn't very relaxing. David and Taren arrived on Friday morning and straight from the airport Joseph dropped them off at the beach. Later after work Joseph and I went to pick them up and they were burnt! Like two red lobsters! Then we went to the Newport Beach Temple and took some pictures. Here is a group picture of us at the temple.

On Saturday we went to Disneyland! It was a lot of fun! We got there right when it opened and we were finished with all the major rides but 2pm. Then after that we went and saw some shows, the parade and the Innovations building and rode the Segway. Which by the way is super

awesome! It is definitely the way of the future! Then we left the happiest place on earth at 6pm and went to Panda Express for dinner. Then we came home and relaxed and watched a movie. It was nice to lay down at relax.

On Sunday we slept in and then they packed their things for Palm Springs. Joseph wanted to show David all the Philippino stores in Cerritos. So we drove up there and went to three different resturants and markets and bought some Philippino food. One of the resturants that we went to is called Jolly Bee's and they had a big bee there so of course David and Joseph had to take a picture with it. Then after our Philippino tour we headed down to Palm Springs where David and Taren were staying until Wednesday. So on the way to Palm Springs we stopped at Cabazon so we could shop. It was extremely hot and a long day once we got to Palm Springs. After we dropped them off Joseph was of course sad because he missed his bud, David. But overall we had a great visit with them and we cannot wait to see them again!

Monday, June 16, 2008

We finally have one!

Well we finally have a blog and I am definitely going to try to keep it updated for everyone to see what we are up to. Well for those who we can't always talk to Joseph and I have moved in with his parents. We have been living here since April and it's going good. We are trying to save money to buy a condo here in Southern California so it was very nice of his parents to let us live with them for FREE! We live upstairs and have two bedrooms and a bathroom...did i mention this was all FREE!? We will have enough money saved to afford a down payment on a condo by January. I love my in-laws for letting us stay with them but I cannot wait to get back to living on our own.

Next, I have finally graduated with my Bachelor's in Liberal Studies. I cannot believe that it only took my four years. Now I am applying to Chapman University to work on my teaching credential and my Masters in Education with an emphasis in reading. My ultimate goal after teaching is to be a reading specialist. I think that Joseph and I are so lucky because my parents have offered to pay for my Graduate work. They say it's my "graduation present". So that is very exciting. I'm still working at Fairmont and this summer I am the lifeguard at the school pool. Just let me tell you that getting certified for being a lifeguard is exhausting especially if you never were in waterpolo or swimming in high school. But I made it through. Yay!

Joseph recently started working for my family at Shinoda's in January. It is extremely nice to have him working there instead of the air freshener company he was working for before. Plus Joseph is enjoying this job way more then his last one. And he is learning a lot about running a business which is what he ultimately wants to do. So hopefully this will inspire him to take his college education more seriously.

Well that is what we have been up to this year so keep looking for more updates.