Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pregnancy So Far

I am officially in my third trimester at about 30 weeks. I know that I haven't posted much throughout the pregnancy but there isn't really much to say. My doctor tells me that I am having the perfect pregnancy (knock on wood). Everything is going great! Since my first trimester I have had no morning sickness, no stretchmarks, and passed the glucose test. Sorry about not posting pictures either (I have been taking pictures of my growing belly) but I cannot find the connector cord for the computer. So as soon as I find it I will post some pictures.
Joseph and I recently took our child birthing classes and boy was that very informative. We went in knowing a lot about labor and delivery but those videos that they show were gross! If you know me then you know that I don't do so well with blood, pain and needles; so as soon as they started showing the baby crowning and coming out I closed my eyes. I know how it works in theory so I don't feel that I need to see it. We also went to a car seat safety class which we really enjoyed. It was very informative and very very useful! After the class we both felt very confident that we knew how to properly install the car seat and buckle baby into it safely.
One of the things that I have enjoyed about being pregnant and working with kids are the things they say or how they react to me being pregnant. They always crack me up! My first pregnancy comment for a kid came during my second trimester after I had "popped". This first grader said, "Mrs. Anthony, your tummy looks big and it never looks big." I replied, "That's because I'm having a baby." He looked shocked and said, "You're pregnant!" I told him that I was and he went inside the classroom where he was telling all the other students in our reading class. Another funny comment from another first grader came this last week. He came up to me and started staring at my tummy and circling me. He said, "Why is your tummy so big?" I said, "There's a baby in there." He kept circling me and said, "But why is your tummy so big?" I repeated, "Because there is a baby in there." He kept circling and said, "You're married?" I replied, "Yes I am." Then he stopped and left. These two boys were just too funny.
In the next two months and a half months there are things to look forward to: baby showers, getting baby gear and clothes and maternity pictures. More to come!