Sunday, December 21, 2008


On Friday morning at 8:25 Joseph and I became an uncle and aunt for the third time. We have a new nephew named Donald Craig Anthony III. hahaha he's a third and he the third one our neices and newphew. He is so adorable! My sister-in-law Kimberly is a superstar. She pretty much had Donny and then was all nonchalant when we went to visit her in the hospital like nothing major happened. I was thinking, "HELLO! You just gave birth and you are walking around all fine and normal?!" But this is after all her third biggie. So anyways...WELCOME TO EARTH DONNY! We are so glad that you are finally here!

Friday, November 21, 2008

It Is Here!

TWILIGHT! Finally after all this time Twilight is finally in theaters today! I went with Erin to the midnight showing last night and it was great! We had a lot of fun standing in line and seeing the movie. My mom even went with some of her friends from the ward to the 12:10am showing. We saw a bunch of people from church there with their family and friends. Everyone who goes and sees it will love it. But FYI I still like the book better. Here are some pictures from last night.

Erin and I watching the all the Twilight trailers while waiting outside in the line.

Here is the front of our shirts

Here is the back of our shirts.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Protesting Hypocrites

If you haven't heard there have been many people protesting Proposition 8. I feel that they are all hypocrites! They talk about people hating them and stuff and then they say things like, "Mormons go to hell!" or "We should burn down all their churches and temples!" Why do they insist on being like that? I just pray to Heavenly Father to keep us safe and to stop this maddness. Heavenly Father must of known that we were all strong enough to live in this time and age when Satan has such a grasp of some of our heavenly brothers and sisters. I am so thankful that we have this gospel and it is what helps me fight through all these ridiculous accusations about the church from these hardhearted people.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

California has spoken!

I am so relieved that everyone's hard work since the summer were not in vain. I am glad to announce that Prop 8 which bans same sex marriages has PASSED! For the second time in California the voters have spoken and stood up for traditional marriage between a man and a woman. I think that the picture says it all!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Murder Mystery Party

Every year my friend, Leola, hosts a Murder Mystery Party. It is always so much fun! It's always the same group of people and we get together and have dinner and dress up like our character. In the past some of the stories have been pretty crazy but this year was good. Joseph was Eddie "Socks" who was a golfer. I was an awesome journalist named Malissa "Scoop". I am glad to say though that I was not the killer. Erin (my sister) was. HA! Here are pictures of everyone...

The killers!

Half of the group eating dinner

Joseph and I

The Girls

The Whole Group

Halloween Time at Disney

So during the Halloween season Disneyland is decorated with fall leaves and pumpkins. Well for the whole month of October they also have special events that you can attend. Well my best friend, Leola, and I went on a special tour called, "Happiest Haunt Tour". It was fun but only a one time thing. Our tour group was on a hunt for ghosts at the park. So the Disney worker gave us these headsets that we wore so we could hear ghosts. During our tour our Ghostbuster tour guide disappeared and our ghost tour guide came. It was a very cute idea. We got to go on 4 rides; Tower of Terror, Snow White's Adventure, Big Thunder, and the Haunted Mansion. Here are some pictures from the tour.
Here are our headsets so we could hear ghosts...

Every year Leola and I have a Sister's Night. This is when we go to Disneyland with our little sisters Michelle and Erin and no boys are allowed! So we went to Disneyland for another special event called, "Mickey's Trick or Treat". It's when California Adventure closes early it's opened for this special event. Everyone who goes can where a costume and they have candy stations where you kind of trick or treat and all of the rides and resturants are open. It's a lot of fun! So this year we went again and dressed up of course. So here are the pictures...
On the tram...


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wright Family Reunion

So last weekend was the Wright (my mom's side) family reunion. So my mom, Joseph and I drove up to Utah to represent. Erin couldn't go because it was her last chance to take the SAT before college applications were due and my dad had to stay behind to watch her and to work since he couldn't get off which is so typical.
So Thursday afternoon we left for St. George and we made it there in 6 hours. Then Friday morning we woke up and had breakfast with Michelle and Ray (my aunt and uncle) and then we decided to hit to road for Provo. I decided to be nice and drive this part for my mom and we made it there in 3 1/2 hours. While we were driving my Grandpa Bill called my mom and asked if we had left St. George yet because he left something there and we told him we had. He then asked where we were and we found a mile plaque that said mile 94 on it and he told us he was at mile 74. Hahaha we totally passed him and we didn't even notice. When we got to Provo we went straight to Markie and Tiffany's apartment and went to lunch and to BYU to look around. Afterwards we went to Christina and Jeremy's house in Orem to hangout and get ready for the dinner party at Uncle Jim and Aunite Robin's House.
On Saturday we were suppose to go up to Sundance and hike but low and behold it was pouring rain all day! So we didn't meet everyone until lunch time. So in the morning we ate breakfast and mark and tiffany took us to the mall so we could shop. Then it was time for lunch but we decided to first go up to sundance and look around. When we got up there it was still pouring but I was determined to get a picture of the beautiful scenery. So I went out in the rain and Joseph took a picture of me from inside the car. Then we went to my aunt and uncle's church building to have lunch and play some volleyball. My team ultimately won which was awesome since we only had two guys on our team. The other team had all boys and only two girls...only one played through the whole game. So I was pretty happy because of that and Joseph was on the losing team...hahaha. Ultimately that weekend was very fun because I got to spend time with most of my cousins who I never really get to see.

Here are some pictures of the trip...
The Winners

The Losers

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our SWEET Ride

I totally have forgotten to put up pictures of our new car. Joseph use to have a really really old Mercedes Diesel car that he converted to run on vegetable oil. The car was okay but it always smelled like french fries. Well anways about a month ago Joseph decided to sell it and we actually made a little bit of a profit off of it. But then Joseph decided that he wanted this 1957 Porsche Speedster. At first I was very skeptical about it but I have learned to love it. I look very cute driving around in it. hahaha. Oh by the way it's a replica.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Bleachers Attacked Me!

So today at work at lunch time I was running to tell one of my co-workers about something that kid did that was funny and I fell. I was hoping up onto the bleachers and I had one foot on the first row and as I was hoping to the next seat I slipped on the bleachers and my shins scrapped on the beachers. It was NOT pretty! My shins are all scrapped up and bruised now. And they really really hurt! It is horrible! Well here are my pictures I just took of my shins.

Here are my shins...

Here is my right is the least damaged just a big bump and bruise down by my foot.

Here is my left shin...its the worst! I have bumps and bruises and little scrapped and one big gash.

Yep just another hard day at work for me.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday and Joseph and I went to Disneyland. It was crowded of course but it was a lot of fun. We went on a couple of rides and we went to the Mission Tortilla Factory and got my free Birthday Tortillas and they were awesome! While there I had my Disneyland Birthday Pin on and tons of people wished me a happy birthday. That was fun! Later on that day a couple of our friends came and join our little group. For dinner my in-laws had my parents and Erin over and we had a little BBQ. Then today my parents had the big family BBQ at my grandpa's house. But overall it was a great birthday. I got a lot of new toys like a bluetooth speaker for my car since in California we have a new Hands Free law which means that people can no longer be holding the cell phones while driving which is pretty inconvient but it is definitely safer. My parents got my a Wii Fit which I love to play. Erin got me a hard case cover for my ipod touch so now when I drop it it will be safer. My sister-in-law, Kimberly gave me an audio version of Twilight which I now can listen to while driving and I am currently using it to spead the Twilight love to Erin and my other cousins. Hahaha I am totally addicted to it. And then everyone else gave me money which is always good. Sio that was my birthday weekend. The end.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So I got into Chapman University for Grad School. Of course they took their time accepting me but I was finally accepted the Friday before school started. So this week has been my first week at Chapman and I feel like a freshmen! This is a new campus for me and I have no clue where anything is! There was no orientation so I have had to figure out how to get everything like a student I.D. and a parking permit. It is a whole new experience. But I have survived my first week of Grad School! YAY! Oh in case you didn't know I am going to Grad school for my Mulitple-Subject teaching credential and for my Masters in Education with an emphasis in Reading Education. So hopefully when I am done with this I will be teaching and I can also be a Reading Specialist.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

2444 Pages in 4 Days

So I had this week off of work and I have been really bored. So I decided that I would read Twilight since I have been wanting to read it for a while. So I started it on Tuesday and I finished it that night. It was so captivating. I could not put it down! Then I moved on to the next book, New Moon. That night I went to bed sobing! Joseph got worried and thought I was hurt until I told him about the book. So since I was sobbing I definitely could not get to sleep so I went to keep reading until like 3am when I got to the part where Edward returned! The next two books I read really fast. This series is AWESOME! I love the love story in this book between Edward and Bella! When the movie comes out you can expect me seeing it at midnight and having a "TEAM EDWARD" shirt on. If you have read this series then we will definitely have to discuss it! I'm dieing right now just thinking about it. I can't wait to talk to my cowork (who have read all of them) about it. And now I think I am going to read Twilight again since that was my absolutely favor book out of the saga.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jesse and Heather's Visit

So this last weekend Jesse (Joseph's older brother) and his wife Heather came for the weekend from Provo. On Thursday they went to Disneyland for the day. Joseph and his dad went in the morning with them and then later Joseph and I met up with them again. By the time I got there they were about ready to leave so we just quickly went on Space Mountain before we left.

On Friday they went to the Getty Villa while I was at work. Then on Saturday they decided that they wanted to go and make s'mores at the beach. So Joseph and I assumed that we would go in the morning because everyone knows that if you want a beach pit on a Saturday during the summer you have to go at like 7am. But Jesse and Heather did not wanted to go early so we went in the late afternoon to try and get one (which we knew we wouldn't). Suprise surprise! we did not get one. So we stayed for two hours and then decided to make our own s'mores in the BBQ at home. And of course our s'mores rocked at home because we could make them outside and then go inside and eat them while watching the Olympics. You can't do that at the beach! HA!

Summer Camp Reflections

So this week is the last week of summer camp at Fairmont. It is quite sad because all my little Korean kids who have been here all summer long left last Friday to go back home to Korea. But although they are all going home I have some really fun pictures of them. Here are some from our field trips. I had a lot of fun lifeguarding and I also got a lot of fun pictures of the boys and girls swimming. This is the only picture of some of the older boys that I have. These boys were excellent dodgeball players. It was always fun playing against them at lunch time. They were always cracking me up. This next picture are of my two favorite little Korean girls, Heeju (on the left) and Jiwon (on the right). These two girls were so shy at the beginning of the summer but by the end they would come up to me and shout, "BOO!" and then run away and giggle. They were absolutely adorable.
The last picture is of two of the older Korean girls Seojin (on the left) and Cindy (on the right). These girls were so cute! Seojin asked for my email address and then the very next night she started emailing me. She is too adorable. In her email she asked if I remembered who she was and I was thinking, "Of course silly! You only left yesterday!" Her emails are so sweet and she talks about how much she misses me and my coworkers.
I will definitely miss all my Korean kids from this summer and all the other kids who do not come for the school year.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So yesterday there was a earthquake here in Southern California. It originated in Chino Hills and it was a 5.4. So during this earthquake I was in my car at the drive thru at Taco Bell ording food. Then my rear view mirror started shaking and I thought that it was the big truck's bass behind me. Then my whole car started shaking a little and then it gradually grew more violent and all the cars parked by me where shaking and I knew it was an earthquake. After the earthquake ended the lady taking my order said very normally, "So was that with a Dr. Pepper?" I said, "Yeah." but I was thinking, "HELLO! There was just an earthquake lady!"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Long Beach Aquarium

Today I went with Fairmont to the Long Beach Aquarium and it was so much fun! I had the younger kids (they are all going into 1st grade). They are super cute! I took a group picture of them for you guys to see.
Here are my kids walking through an underwater tunnel looking at all the fish with the other counselor, Erika.
This is one of my favorite Korean kids here for the summer. Heeju is so cute! She might even stay for the school year her mom said! yay!
One of the last exhibits we went into was the Lorikeet Forest. What you do is go into a big bird cage and there are all these birds flying around and they are super friendly! they will just land on you or if you put your hand down on a bar the birds will just walk onto your arms. Well one of the older kids from another campus didn't want the bird anymore and just got really close to me and the bird hopped onto my arm.
Everything was fine until the bird decided to keep climbing up my arm and onto my backpack.
Overall it was a fun day at the Long Beach Aquarium! I love my job! Oh and just some funny things that have happened this summer...
1. At Knott's Berry Farm a lady said that I was a brave women taking charge of 20 4th-5th grade kids.
2. It's been fun lifeguarding the kids because I can push them into the pool and then tell them that they cannot do the same to me.
3. While lifeguarding I have built up a very nice tan.
4. I have met my match when it comes to ping pong.
5. While teaching science I get to act all smart and use big words to impress the kids.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Swim Time!

On the Fourth of July we went swimming with our nieces, Elizabeth and Isabella. They were so cute! I was so impressed with Elizabeth! She is a little fish! Joseph and I had so much fun just taking pictures of Elizabeth and Isabella swimming. We love our underwater camera. It has definitely been a great camera to have especially during the spring and summer months. I defintely suggest that everyone get one because it is so awesome! I am going to upload a lot of pictures of Lizzie swimming because she is just so gosh darn cute!

Firework Day!

On the Fourth of July we were extremely busy. In the morning in the neighborhood that we live in they have an annual Fourth of July Parade. So of course we watched that with the rest of the Anthony family. Here are a couple of pictures with our nieces, Elizabeth and Isabella sitting with us during the parade. During the parade everyone in the parade throw candy to those watching and of course our nieces were excited to go and collect a lot of candy. This one kid threw candy at us and it hit me in the head. It really hurt!

Later after the parade we had a little BBQ at the Anthony home and afterwards Isabella had to take a bath in the sink and Joseph gave her a mohawk made out of bubbles. It was so adorable!

At night we went to shoot off fireworks. So here are a couple of pictures of that fabulous hour!

Here is Elizabeth playing with Sparklers for the first time and here I am lighting off one of my BIG fireworks. Overall our fourth of July was very busy and extremely fun!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Canadian Visit

This last weekend one of Joseph's mission companions and his wife came to California to visit. They are obviously from Canada if you didn't catch the title of this post. Well this weekend was awesome but it wasn't very relaxing. David and Taren arrived on Friday morning and straight from the airport Joseph dropped them off at the beach. Later after work Joseph and I went to pick them up and they were burnt! Like two red lobsters! Then we went to the Newport Beach Temple and took some pictures. Here is a group picture of us at the temple.

On Saturday we went to Disneyland! It was a lot of fun! We got there right when it opened and we were finished with all the major rides but 2pm. Then after that we went and saw some shows, the parade and the Innovations building and rode the Segway. Which by the way is super

awesome! It is definitely the way of the future! Then we left the happiest place on earth at 6pm and went to Panda Express for dinner. Then we came home and relaxed and watched a movie. It was nice to lay down at relax.

On Sunday we slept in and then they packed their things for Palm Springs. Joseph wanted to show David all the Philippino stores in Cerritos. So we drove up there and went to three different resturants and markets and bought some Philippino food. One of the resturants that we went to is called Jolly Bee's and they had a big bee there so of course David and Joseph had to take a picture with it. Then after our Philippino tour we headed down to Palm Springs where David and Taren were staying until Wednesday. So on the way to Palm Springs we stopped at Cabazon so we could shop. It was extremely hot and a long day once we got to Palm Springs. After we dropped them off Joseph was of course sad because he missed his bud, David. But overall we had a great visit with them and we cannot wait to see them again!

Monday, June 16, 2008

We finally have one!

Well we finally have a blog and I am definitely going to try to keep it updated for everyone to see what we are up to. Well for those who we can't always talk to Joseph and I have moved in with his parents. We have been living here since April and it's going good. We are trying to save money to buy a condo here in Southern California so it was very nice of his parents to let us live with them for FREE! We live upstairs and have two bedrooms and a bathroom...did i mention this was all FREE!? We will have enough money saved to afford a down payment on a condo by January. I love my in-laws for letting us stay with them but I cannot wait to get back to living on our own.

Next, I have finally graduated with my Bachelor's in Liberal Studies. I cannot believe that it only took my four years. Now I am applying to Chapman University to work on my teaching credential and my Masters in Education with an emphasis in reading. My ultimate goal after teaching is to be a reading specialist. I think that Joseph and I are so lucky because my parents have offered to pay for my Graduate work. They say it's my "graduation present". So that is very exciting. I'm still working at Fairmont and this summer I am the lifeguard at the school pool. Just let me tell you that getting certified for being a lifeguard is exhausting especially if you never were in waterpolo or swimming in high school. But I made it through. Yay!

Joseph recently started working for my family at Shinoda's in January. It is extremely nice to have him working there instead of the air freshener company he was working for before. Plus Joseph is enjoying this job way more then his last one. And he is learning a lot about running a business which is what he ultimately wants to do. So hopefully this will inspire him to take his college education more seriously.

Well that is what we have been up to this year so keep looking for more updates.