Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So yesterday there was a earthquake here in Southern California. It originated in Chino Hills and it was a 5.4. So during this earthquake I was in my car at the drive thru at Taco Bell ording food. Then my rear view mirror started shaking and I thought that it was the big truck's bass behind me. Then my whole car started shaking a little and then it gradually grew more violent and all the cars parked by me where shaking and I knew it was an earthquake. After the earthquake ended the lady taking my order said very normally, "So was that with a Dr. Pepper?" I said, "Yeah." but I was thinking, "HELLO! There was just an earthquake lady!"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Long Beach Aquarium

Today I went with Fairmont to the Long Beach Aquarium and it was so much fun! I had the younger kids (they are all going into 1st grade). They are super cute! I took a group picture of them for you guys to see.
Here are my kids walking through an underwater tunnel looking at all the fish with the other counselor, Erika.
This is one of my favorite Korean kids here for the summer. Heeju is so cute! She might even stay for the school year her mom said! yay!
One of the last exhibits we went into was the Lorikeet Forest. What you do is go into a big bird cage and there are all these birds flying around and they are super friendly! they will just land on you or if you put your hand down on a bar the birds will just walk onto your arms. Well one of the older kids from another campus didn't want the bird anymore and just got really close to me and the bird hopped onto my arm.
Everything was fine until the bird decided to keep climbing up my arm and onto my backpack.
Overall it was a fun day at the Long Beach Aquarium! I love my job! Oh and just some funny things that have happened this summer...
1. At Knott's Berry Farm a lady said that I was a brave women taking charge of 20 4th-5th grade kids.
2. It's been fun lifeguarding the kids because I can push them into the pool and then tell them that they cannot do the same to me.
3. While lifeguarding I have built up a very nice tan.
4. I have met my match when it comes to ping pong.
5. While teaching science I get to act all smart and use big words to impress the kids.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Swim Time!

On the Fourth of July we went swimming with our nieces, Elizabeth and Isabella. They were so cute! I was so impressed with Elizabeth! She is a little fish! Joseph and I had so much fun just taking pictures of Elizabeth and Isabella swimming. We love our underwater camera. It has definitely been a great camera to have especially during the spring and summer months. I defintely suggest that everyone get one because it is so awesome! I am going to upload a lot of pictures of Lizzie swimming because she is just so gosh darn cute!

Firework Day!

On the Fourth of July we were extremely busy. In the morning in the neighborhood that we live in they have an annual Fourth of July Parade. So of course we watched that with the rest of the Anthony family. Here are a couple of pictures with our nieces, Elizabeth and Isabella sitting with us during the parade. During the parade everyone in the parade throw candy to those watching and of course our nieces were excited to go and collect a lot of candy. This one kid threw candy at us and it hit me in the head. It really hurt!

Later after the parade we had a little BBQ at the Anthony home and afterwards Isabella had to take a bath in the sink and Joseph gave her a mohawk made out of bubbles. It was so adorable!

At night we went to shoot off fireworks. So here are a couple of pictures of that fabulous hour!

Here is Elizabeth playing with Sparklers for the first time and here I am lighting off one of my BIG fireworks. Overall our fourth of July was very busy and extremely fun!