Tuesday, July 21, 2009

13 hours at the beach

So Joseph and I spent 13 hours at the beach last Saturday. Some of you may be asking yourselves why and here is the answer....

Joseph and I thought it would be fun to have a bonfire and cook hotdogs and s'mores. So we invited some of our friends to join us. In California this is an extremely popular thing to do during the summer so if you want a beach pit then you better be at the beach before 9am. So we did. Joseph and I spent the whole day at the beach together. It was a great day! It was sunny and warm with a slight breeze. The water was cool and refreshing. Around dinner time all our friends showed up for s'mores and a bonfire. By the time Joseph and I left we had been at the beach for 13 hours. Joseph was burnt in many places one his back where he could not reach to reapply his sunbock. I didn't get burnt at all! It was amazing!

Here are some pictures we took of the kids...
There's Lizzie (our niece) and Don (Joseph's older brother) playing in the waves. Here's Bella (niece) finding shells in the sand.

Here's Donny (nephew) and I hanging out on the blanket.Here's Donny (obviously a different Donny) eating a blueberry. He's so adorable.
And here is the teepee that Joseph build from broken down pallets (compliments of Shinoda's).

Monday, July 20, 2009

Honorary Citzens

Joseph's friend from the Philippines is here! Aprilon is from the Philippines but has been living in Hawaii for the past three years. He has just finished his Bachelor's at BYU Hawaii and is trying to stay here for an extra year to work and gain experience in his field. Joseph decided to take him to Disneyland last Thursday. So we bought his ticket online which was great because then they didn't have to go to the box office. So I dropped them off at 8am when Disneyland opens on my way to work. Then later I met up with them at 6pm. Joseph ran Aprilon all over Disneyland and California Adventure. They had practically done everything by the time I got there. I went on Big Thunder Mountain with them but that's pretty much the only ride I went on. When I got there Joseph and I decided that we needed to get Aprilon a button that said 1st Visit. So we went to City Hall and got Aprilon a button but then the cast memeber asked if Joseph and I were showing him around and we replied, "Yes." After that response the cast member said that we needed special buttons too and our buttons said Honorary Citzen. Joseph and I felt very cool sporting our buttons. Later we watched the fireworks while we ate dinner and we were very disappointed when Tinkerbell and Dumbo did not come out during the fireworks due to a strong wind. Joseph and I had talked up Tinkerbell and Dumbo flying across the sky on this little wire and then they never showed up during the firework show. Then right after the fireworks we went straight to the lake for Fantasmic which was great because Joseph and I have not seen that show since we were like 7 years-old. On our way home we all came to the conclusion that we had a very successful day, we were all extremely tired and ready for bed.

24 Hours

So last Tuesday I was up for almost 24 hours. It was not a great day. I woke up at 5:30am because I had Jury Duty in Santa Ana. This was my second time being summoned but my first time having to go to the courthouse. So after orientation they called people up for the trials that will take like 2-3 months. But right after that they called up the first group to the courtroom which I was in. When you are inside the courtroom you CANNOT do ANYTHING! No texting, reading, or computer. You just have to sit there and listen. I sat there all day until 5pm. I was never called up to the jury box or anything! I even had a bunch of stories and excuses to say so I wouldn't be put onto the jury. Well at least they cannot summon me for another 12 months.

Later I went to sit in line for Harry Potter with Erin and our friend Michelle. First of all I didn't really want to go see Harry Potter at midnight because I had Jury Duty but Erin convinced me to go with her. Go thing she did because after waiting in line for 6 hours Erin and I found out that our friends, Leola and Michelle, had tickets to the 12:05am showing and not the 12:01am showing like us. We were so bummed when we found this out. Overall though sitting in line with Michelle and Erin was fun. We played Harry Potter clue, spoke with English accents and read aloud Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Here is Michelle and I playing Harry Potter clue. It's a nice alternative to regular clue.

Here is Erin reading aloud in line.

Sister Picture

Overall the movie was good. There were some disappointing parts but it was funny and it got the main points of the series across.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Picnic

Last Sunday our friends Scott and Melinda invited us to go on a picnic in Dana Point. So right after church we got our sandwiches, chips, drinks and potato salad ready and headed off to Dana Point Harbor. We ate lunch and then we played some croquet and bocce ball.

Here is Joseph and Melinda playing croquet

Here I am trying to hit my ball towards a hoop.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Can you believe this guy?!

In case no one has been watching this season of the Bachelorette this guy is a jerk! He came on the show to promote his country singing career and he had a girlfriend! I cannot believe that he stayed on the show until the final four! There were many other guys who were more worthy of the Bachelorette's time then him. He is the new scum of the Earth!