Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Murder Mystery Party

Every year my friend, Leola, hosts a Murder Mystery Party. It is always so much fun! It's always the same group of people and we get together and have dinner and dress up like our character. In the past some of the stories have been pretty crazy but this year was good. Joseph was Eddie "Socks" who was a golfer. I was an awesome journalist named Malissa "Scoop". I am glad to say though that I was not the killer. Erin (my sister) was. HA! Here are pictures of everyone...

The killers!

Half of the group eating dinner

Joseph and I

The Girls

The Whole Group

Halloween Time at Disney

So during the Halloween season Disneyland is decorated with fall leaves and pumpkins. Well for the whole month of October they also have special events that you can attend. Well my best friend, Leola, and I went on a special tour called, "Happiest Haunt Tour". It was fun but only a one time thing. Our tour group was on a hunt for ghosts at the park. So the Disney worker gave us these headsets that we wore so we could hear ghosts. During our tour our Ghostbuster tour guide disappeared and our ghost tour guide came. It was a very cute idea. We got to go on 4 rides; Tower of Terror, Snow White's Adventure, Big Thunder, and the Haunted Mansion. Here are some pictures from the tour.
Here are our headsets so we could hear ghosts...

Every year Leola and I have a Sister's Night. This is when we go to Disneyland with our little sisters Michelle and Erin and no boys are allowed! So we went to Disneyland for another special event called, "Mickey's Trick or Treat". It's when California Adventure closes early it's opened for this special event. Everyone who goes can where a costume and they have candy stations where you kind of trick or treat and all of the rides and resturants are open. It's a lot of fun! So this year we went again and dressed up of course. So here are the pictures...
On the tram...


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wright Family Reunion

So last weekend was the Wright (my mom's side) family reunion. So my mom, Joseph and I drove up to Utah to represent. Erin couldn't go because it was her last chance to take the SAT before college applications were due and my dad had to stay behind to watch her and to work since he couldn't get off which is so typical.
So Thursday afternoon we left for St. George and we made it there in 6 hours. Then Friday morning we woke up and had breakfast with Michelle and Ray (my aunt and uncle) and then we decided to hit to road for Provo. I decided to be nice and drive this part for my mom and we made it there in 3 1/2 hours. While we were driving my Grandpa Bill called my mom and asked if we had left St. George yet because he left something there and we told him we had. He then asked where we were and we found a mile plaque that said mile 94 on it and he told us he was at mile 74. Hahaha we totally passed him and we didn't even notice. When we got to Provo we went straight to Markie and Tiffany's apartment and went to lunch and to BYU to look around. Afterwards we went to Christina and Jeremy's house in Orem to hangout and get ready for the dinner party at Uncle Jim and Aunite Robin's House.
On Saturday we were suppose to go up to Sundance and hike but low and behold it was pouring rain all day! So we didn't meet everyone until lunch time. So in the morning we ate breakfast and mark and tiffany took us to the mall so we could shop. Then it was time for lunch but we decided to first go up to sundance and look around. When we got up there it was still pouring but I was determined to get a picture of the beautiful scenery. So I went out in the rain and Joseph took a picture of me from inside the car. Then we went to my aunt and uncle's church building to have lunch and play some volleyball. My team ultimately won which was awesome since we only had two guys on our team. The other team had all boys and only two girls...only one played through the whole game. So I was pretty happy because of that and Joseph was on the losing team...hahaha. Ultimately that weekend was very fun because I got to spend time with most of my cousins who I never really get to see.

Here are some pictures of the trip...
The Winners

The Losers