Monday, April 13, 2009


The Easter weekend was great! On Saturday Joseph and I had brunch with the Anthony family. It was delicious! Then later that night we went to my Auntie Deb's house to a triple birthday party for Grandpa Jimmy, Allyson, and Ryder. It was also delicious! On Sunday Joseph and I went to church to teach our cute primary kids. Then we went to my Great-Auntie Helen's house for a huge Shinoda family get together. It was a lot of fun! Everyone got to do the Easter egg hunt because all the cousins and grandchildren are older now. Almost everyone is in college so if there was an age limit then there wouldn't be an Easter egg hunt. Erin found the corner of the fifty dollar bill so she won fifty dollars. After the egg hunt Joseph, Erin, Uncle Tom and I sat at a table where the desserts just happened to come to us. We sat by the desserts and were helping everyone get pies, cake, chocolate covered strawberries and spoons. While we were sitting there my dad came up and asked who left a bunch of yokes on a plate at our table. Erin blurted out that it was Uncle Tom. For the rest of the day Uncle Tom was making fun of how Erin threw Uncle Tom under the bus.

Everyone Else's Spring Break

It seems like everyone always comes to visit us during spring break. The problem is that Joseph and I always have work or school during everyone else's spring break. During Markie's spring break he and Tiffany came to visit. While they were here the whole family, except Erin, went to Universal Studios. We were able to do everything there in like five hours. It was pretty fun. Here's Tiffany, Markie, Joseph and I in front of the Universal Studios sign. Markie and I left a gap for imaginary Erin. She was way fun!

During my cousin Allyson's spring break she decided that she wanted to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain. James (Ally's dad) went but he only went on two rides. So pretty much Joseph, Erin and I showed Ally and her friend the best rides. Joseph and I hadn't been since high school so it was a real treat that we were able to go with them to Six Flags. Here Joseph, Erin, Ally, Ally's friend and I are waiting in line for Tatsu which was the only ride that Joseph and I were actually a little scared on.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

House Hunting

So since the house market has been going down Joseph and I have been having fun going around the area looking at open houses for fun. We first started doing this when our friend Keith was looking for a house to buy and we just started going to open houses again since our friends Scott and Melinda are looking for a house for Melinda's parents to fix up. Melinda's parents seem pretty cool because they are letting Scott and Melinda find a good house to fix up in the Tustin area and then Scott and Melinda will live there and fix up the house for her parents.
So last weekend we went with Scott and Melinda to look for open houses. We decided to go up into the hills to look around for fun and to see how much they were going for since we had seen a bunch on So we went to a street where there were two open houses. The first one we went to was great. The property was really nice and the house was really cool. Then we walked down the street to the other open house.
The house we walked to was obviosuly currently not being lived in. So Melinda and I were ahead of the boys and we walk up to the front door and it is all boarded up with a paper on it. By that time the boys caught up we were walking to the garage because there was a door open. We looked inside and there were a bunch of big empty flower bed looking things. Scott walked in first and we heard voices talking so we went inside. We walked inside and found the realtor and another man inside talking. Scott said hi and asked about the flower beds. The realtor said that there were a lot of those throughout the house. Joseph immediatedly said, "They were growing some pot in here." I started laughing and how blunt Joseph was and we walked around the house. We walked by the front door and we could see that the police had banged it in when they raided the house. we walked upstairs and saw all the foil that the owners had put up to heat a room. We found water damage in rooms where they probably watered the plants. It was so crazy! Who would have thought that in a nice affluent neighborhood that someone would be growing pot. Crazy!